The Reading Room at The Barlow 

Business Overview
The Reading Room at the Barlow, Edgworth's newest Coffee Bar. Enjoy triple certified barista coffee and great taste award tea. WiFi, Parking, Playground.
Review By Kevin Day
I live in the village and really appreciate the Barlow facility and hope that we can keep it for many years to come. I love the reading room and often pop in for a coffee with my hound after a long walk. They really do need to advertise the coffee shop better as I'm convinced it could be a thriving hub for locals and visitors alike.

Review By Alison Heath Taylor
Service was great & young couple in with a new born in very large pram - heaps of space! But.... it was very cold. Wooden seats from the original Barlow & no heating on whatsoever made it a pretty short stay - 4 stars purely for the service

Review By Johanne Parsons
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Review By Val Barker
I love this place - comfortable surroundings, friendly and helpful staff, yummy cakes, delicious teas and coffees and my well behaved dog is welcome there too! As a bonus there are plenty of parking spaces :)

Review By Amy Martinez
Great coffee and delicious cake. Also lots of space for prams ��

Review By Victoria Louise Egan
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Review By Lorna Wright
Visited this morning whilst visiting a friend in the village. Lovely hot chocolate followed by a huge slice of cake and a warm welcome. What more could you want?

Review By Daniella Thompson
So pleased this has opened! Excellent coffee and just great to have somewhere to go in the village. I just wish it was open on a Monday as well!

Review By Don Conway
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Review By Chrissi Waterman-Workman
Had a great visit yesterday! I am really fussy with coffee but the latte was perfect! Great service and atmosphere also! Will be returning soon!

Review By Angela Parr
The deluxe hot chocolate was delicious, well priced and comfy sofas as a bonus. Lovely place to meet friends or just get out of the house for a bit xx

Review By Anita Mckay
Fabulous place to meet and have a coffee, lovely volunteers, can't wait to go tomorrow

Review By Jane Naylor
Coffee is well nice! Nice atmosphere and a lovely room tastefully decorated.

Review By
Ok, quite honestly I haven't been in yet, but I lived right across the road from The Barlow from 2000 until 2015. In that time I watched the place die on it's arse and then start to come back. Whenever anybody tried to do anything with the place, the usual moaning neighbours would whine and bleat and the place stayed largely shut. I like to think that in a very small way I helped to change that. The Barlow seems to be in great shape now and is doing what the Barlow family intended when they gifted it to the village. I used to use the Barlow to rehearse with my band until we found that the place was regularly booked up. Bloody brilliant! So, my Edgworth friends, you are the custodians of something really special. Use it to the max! And well done to everyone who got stuck in. It took some doing!x